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We hear and we hold; we bear witness as we help contain the unbearable, the unspeakable, the uncontainable.
We walk the walk without words, and use words when invited, to listen, to help begin to understand and then to help heal in whatever way is needed.

Often nature causes harm and puts life's very essence and innocence in question.

We offer help after people hurt other people; without judgment; people helping people.

Our task force is multi-national and multi-theoretical. There is no one correct way to be of help.

Our only task is to be of help and not get in the way

Richard Beck
Task Force for
Trauma-Disaster Management
Richard Beck is a psychotherapist in Private Practice in New York City, with expertise in treating trauma.

Richard both trains and treats therapists who work with trauma. After the events of 9/11 and the Hurricanes of 2004, Richard conducted well over 1000 hours of trauma groups with survivors, their families, witnesses and rescue workers.

Richard lectures, teaches and lead demonstration groups nationally and internationally, dealing with trauma and the importance of groups following a traumatic event and loss..

Richard wrote the “Unique Benefit of Group following Traumatic Events”; co-authored an American Group Psychotherapy Association Trauma Protocol entitled “Lesson’s Learned in Working with Witnesses, Survivors and Family Members after Traumatic Events”; Richard and co-author Bonnie Buchele, Ph.D., were awarded the 2007 Alonso Award for Excellence in Psychodynamic Group Theory for their article, : “In the Belly of the Beast: Traumatic Countertransference”; and recently published "Care for the Caregiver".

Richard can be reached at:


Eva Fahlstrom Borg,
Chair of Trauma and Disaster Intervention Team (TDIT)
Eva Fahlstrom Borg is a Swedish senior psychotherapist (individual, child, family, group and community), supervisor and teacher of psychotherapy, psychodrama, restorative practices and social transformations. She works internationally and is multilingual. Eva in her trauma work advocates the importance of creating safe space and involving families and community in the trauma healing work.

The role of Chair of Onsite Trauma Interventions was created in order to give immediate response to trauma or/and disasters, establishing a direct support to fellow colleagues working in the afflicted area.

Eva can be reached at:


The aftermath of disasters, be they natural or man induced, is devastation and trauma for victims, survivors, their families, communities and their responders, the helpers and the care givers. All may struggle with feelings of hopelessness, fears of isolation, and being forgotten by the outside world. The IAGP Disaster/Trauma Task Force is a community outreach program whose mission is to reach out and connect with colleagues who are in situations where disaster/trauma has occurred and offer supportive services: such as protocols; consultation, educational and psychological and emotional support, referrals and the very basic human response that “we are here”.

We have international trauma experts on our task force.

We are focusing on the following endeavors currently:

 Collecting and compiling articles, books and book chapter on disaster/trauma treatment.  Our goal it to have these available to clinicians around the world who are responding to disasters.
 Cultivating connections with organizations that respond to disasters.

The most effective response is when we are "invited" to assist in a meaningful way after a disaster.

 Finding funding sources that can help reimbursement for IAGP members who provide consultation or direct service.

For further details and with any questions about the Trauma Disaster Task Force, please contact the Task Force Chair, Richard Beck:


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