“Language Barriers to IAGP Membership: Do I Care?” – WEBINAR


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Type

8th of March
IAGP Webinar
Time: 1pm-3pm (Rome); 9am-11am (San Paolo); 9pm-10pm (Tokyo)
ID: 884 6814 2813
Passcode: 983224

We, mainly from Latin America countries, have noticed that IAGP member participation in meetings has been seriously hampered by the language barrier. If we really want to be inclusive and have an Association for more than exclusively to English speaker world, we need to think about ways of language access for Spanish speakers, and in a perfect world, for everyone.

Purpose of the webinar:
The objective of the workshop is to provoke reflection through psychodramatic methods on the barriers in communication which impact on involvement and participation of non-English speaking IAGP members. It is expected to create collective and creative solutions to reduce this gap to insure inclusion.

Articulation of the webinar:
The webinar will be in a workshop format and will use active techniques, such as sociodrama and dramatic games, adapted to the online modality using the resources of the Zoom platform.

Principle References:
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Ines Gandolfo is a full professor at Universidade de Brasilia (UnB), PhD in Psychology,
Director of the Institute of Psychology at the UnB, psychologist, psychodramatist, teacher
and supervisor at Associação Brasiliense de Psicodrama (ABP), AprenderVivo and Interpsi.
Email: inesgandolfo@gmail.com

Marlene Magnabosco Marra is a psychologist, PhD in Psychology and Culture, Coordinator
and teacher at AprenderVivo, Full Collaborating Researcher at Universidade de Brasilia
(UnB), couple and family therapist, psychodramatist.

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