Affiliation request

Magdalene Jeyarathnam, CAOA Chair


Our organizational affiliates become members of the Consultative Assembly of Organizational Affiliates (CAOA). Through the Chairperson of the CAOA, who is a Board member, affiliate concerns are represented at IAGP Board meetings. Affiliates are invited to send representatives to CAOA meetings and to participate in the CAOA online discussion forum. They are also invited to submit details of their events for the IAGP affiliates events calendar. Below is a list of the current affiliate organizations.

Number of members in organization

Country Band A

(full fees)

Country Band B

(50% fees)

Country Band C

(40% fees)

Country Band D

(30% fees)

Less than 50

$ 100

$ 50

$ 40
$ 30


$ 200

$ 100

$ 80
$ 30


$ 300

$ 150

$ 120

$ 90


$ 400

$ 200

$ 160

$ 120


$ 600

$ 300

$ 240

$ 150


$ 700

$ 350

$ 280

$ 210

Over 1000

$ 800

$ 400

$ 320

$ 240

    Thank you for your application to be an affiliate organization of IAGP. Before proceeding, we need some information about your organization.
    You should submit the following documents:

    1. A letter of application including:
    a.Your organization’s official name and contact details (including email address and website address)
    b.The names, contact details and professional background of the current President and President-elect (if there is one).
    c.The name, contact details and professional background of the person who will represent your organization for IAGP purposes (Please indicate if this person is the same as b)
    d.Founding year of the organization
    e.Number of current members
    f.Requirements for joining your organization as members or affiliates
    g.Theoretical orientation
    h.A brief description of your organization’s past, current and planned fields of activities (research, training etc.) including scientific programs and conferences sponsored, if any
    i.Explanation of how you heard of IAGP and why your organization would like to join IAGP as an affiliate member
    j.Please outline how your organization promotes high ethical and professional standards (e.g. via a Code of Ethics or a requirement that members belong to a professional association that has such a Code.).

    2. A copy of the By-laws and charter or incorporation documents of your organisation.
    One letter of endorsement.
    This should be written by a professional (preferably a member of IAGP) who is familiar with your organization’s work with groups and has no formal ties to your organization.
    Please consult the table and indicate your country band (A, B, C or D), the number of members in your organisation and the number of years you wish to pay for. (THE SAME SYSTEM THAN IN INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS)

    Terms of service: by using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.
    Payment Terms and Conditions: Payment of the fee for all categories of membership are established by the terms set forth on the website of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, hereforth referred to as IAGP, at membership page. All categories of membership are not transferable.

    I understand that by completing the payment information, I authorize the IAGP to charge the appropriate fees to my designated credit card. Membership itself does not become activated until the actual monies, authorized by credit card payment, are received by IAGP and confirmation of the payment is issued to the payee from the administrative Office of IAGP. Furthermore, I understand that fees paid to IAGP are non-refundable, even in the event of discontinuation of membership because of illness, death, dissolution of the paying professional Organization in the case of Organizational membership, change in professional status or practice, or resignation. In accordance with IAGP by-laws, in the event of dissolution of this Association monies cannot be returned, since they must be transferred to a charitable organization.

    IAGP is incorporated in Switzerland and has been granted the status of a Swiss tax-exempt charity (Reg. no. 409/2003). Please consult your personal tax consultant in your country as to the tax implications for payment of the dues.

    Applications to join IAGP and to renew IAGP membership should be submitted online only using the form on this page. If you have any questions, please contact . The IAGP’s official address in Switzerland (not for correspondence): is Nationalstr. 17, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.
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    I hereby confirm that I have read and agree to the above terms of service and the information supplied on the IAGP website. I hereby authorize the IAGP to process my credit card payment.